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Square Foot Show - Abstract²

Aug 11- 13

These are the 5 pieces I will offer at the square foot show. The $300 price is only valid at the time of the show

Do you love art? Do you love color? Check this out. I’m participating for the first time in the square foot show, all abstract paintings, all 12”x12” all the same price. It couldn’t be easier to support the arts and bring a bit of creativity and joy into your home!

So don’t miss out! register and take part in the next Square Foot Show! Who knows maybe you will win the giveaway painting.

About Square Foot Show

Square Foot Show is known as “The Black Friday of Art”, consistently bringing thousands of new collectors across five continents to each show, with many artists selling out in mere minutes.

SquareFootShow’s vision is to build a thriving artistic community around the world, raise the profile of artists, and introduce novice and experienced art collectors to emerging and established artists alike.


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