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Behind All That

Behind all that, there is great happiness...
In my art, whether it is in the subject matter or the technique, I like to ask: what is behind all that? I create art that reveals and hides; exposes and conceals. I invite you the viewer to wonder and imagine.


The texture and colors in my paintings evoke feelings of balance, tranquility, peace of mind, and harmony. My work is defined by its rich texture and the use of a simple color scheme. As an abstract non-representational mixed media artist, I work with ordinary, everyday materials, such as but not limited to paper, cardboard, and Spackle. One of my favorites is purring water mixed with glue and pure pigments over the texture. The spontaneity of the water expresses motion and accentuates the texture on the canvas. The layering process only stops when the painting is pleasing to my eye. After all, the real interpretation of the paintings is not in what the artist sees; it is in the eyes of the individual viewer.

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