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Through my art, I explore the layers of my identity shaped by my immigration experience, split between California and Israel. This journey prompts reflections on the intersections of my Jewish heritage with questions of belonging and home. Using language, rituals, and memory across various media, I weave a dynamic tapestry of identity, depicting the complexities of immigration. My aim is to foster empathy and dialogue, inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences of a place and belonging.

About the accordion book

The accordion book serves as a central medium, serving as the ideal medium to narrate the journey of 'home.' It unravels layers, shedding light on the complexities of place, time, language, cultural dynamics, and the deep sense of belonging. Its unique feature, readable from right to left in Hebrew for the place left behind or left to right in English symbolizing 'going west,' holds profound symbolism. Moreover, the book's length signifies the geographical distance between these two homes.

About the screens installation

Three suspended screens feature different full-body outline cuts, representing my diverse identities as an immigrant. The first screen displays an abstract painting on sheer fabric, portraying my leap of faith during moments of change. The second and third screens, made from packaging materials, symbolize the physical act of relocation. Cutouts in the screens allow partial images to pass through, symbolizing the voids and gains inherent in the immigration journey.

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