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My Happy Places

‘My Happy Place’ is combined with 'My Sedona' series. It

is a collection of paintings. They all examine the places that art can take us. It can be a color, an experience, an imaginary place, memory of a place; a place in our dreams, or a real one. I wanted to create the world I enjoy and encourage others to join.

During Sedona summer colony residency, in the summer of 2018, I experimented with the local sands and whatever nature got to offer in this amazing landscape, I made a serious of small boards that captured the local texture and colors. Few months after a week of art residency in Sedona Arizona, I examined my memory of the mountains forms, shapes, and colors to create 'Abstraction Scape’ series.  Using the local sand and my memory of a place I much enjoyed, I invite the viewer to join.


I start by building texture with a variety of materials on canvas. Then, I keep adding layers of colors until I see the right composition. I use a lot of water with pigment. The water can reach all the small cracks to enhance the texture and the colors underneath.

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