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THE WILD SIDE: California Women Celebrate the Untamed


Juror: Cynthia Brannvall

Curator: Elizabeth Addison

Opening Reception:

June 18, 2022, 7-9 PM, Arc Gallery

1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Juror's Statement

Jurying for THE WILD SIDE has been one of the most rewarding experiences in recent years. It was also challenging, because ALL of the submitted works presented with skill, talent, and intriguing messaging. My selections were based upon many considerations: submitted images and accompanying statements, how successfully and uniquely artworks addressed the theme, and my own interpretation of the theme. I was struck by how many works interpreted the notion of the wild side in ways that resonate with recent history. It was important to include this engagement along with themes of celebration, joy, and empowerment. Craftsmanship, technical skill, and presentation were also considered to create a balance of materials, media, and process. I am deeply excited about the variety of accepted works–how they will engage, provoke and invite further exploration. –Cynthia Brannvall

Featured Artists, Invitational Portion

Afatasi the Artist, Marguerite Elliot, Gillian Garro, Kate Jordahl, Louise M. Stanley, Debra Wright.

Featured Artists, Juried Portion

Mimi Abers, Salma Arastu, Karen Benioff Friedman, Susan Bercu, Jean Cacicedo, Mague Calanche, Kim Cardoso, Belinda Chlouber, Abigail Lee Goldberger, VestaMaria Gonzalez, Stacey Gregory, Vicki Gunter, Jennifer Huber, Mevi Juliet, Linda Joy Kattwinkel, Emily Keyishian, Kayla Kirsch, Anna Kirsch, Susan Kitazawa, Mido Lee, Janet Lipkin, Yunan Ma, Linda R MacDonald, Anna Mathai, Priscilla Otani, Laura Paladini, Francesca Pera, Jude Pittman, Barbara Pollak-Lewis, Wo Schiffman, Sondra Schwetman, Durba Sen, Dobee Snowber, Christina Spiegel, Nancy Tabeling, Judy Threadgill, Rachel Tirosh, Victoria Veedell, Lorraine Woodruff-Long, Jane Yuen Corich


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