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Composing the Future: A NCWCA Member Exhibition

Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art – May 7- June 27, 2021

2400 First St., Livermore CA 94550 and

This time of transition offers unique opportunities. As artists, we are witnesses and raw material for envisioning possible futures. We are now called upon to examine our own pandemic responses, the social upheaval around us, and the pervasive political madness that faces our country. These reflections will serve as inspirations to envision possibilities for cultural transformation.

The artworks in the Composing the Future exhibition engage on many levels – wonder, worry, hopefulness, and activism, in an inspired array of visual media. You will see responses ranging from intellectual to contemplative as NCWCA artists unleash their imaginations. Many works consider how the events of 2020-21 confront history or provoke change. Just as many reveal inspiration in isolation and blooms in the chaos. Artists have found beauty in the shadows, have reassessed priorities, adjusted their joy thresholds, and reset expectations.

Relevant and compelling, NCWCA is pleased to dedicate our member exhibition to this visionary theme. Composing the Future is sponsored by the Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art, a nonprofit.

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 5th, 2021. 1:30 - 4:30pm.

Online Artist Talks Series: Thursday, May 27, 7-8pm; Thursday, June 3, 7-8pm; Thursday, June 10, 7-8pm.

The Table Setting Project Curated by Jennifer Jigour: An installation accompanying Composing the Future.

Composing The Future Catalog: Available for purchase online , TBD.

Programs (Note: Exhibit and events are free.)

Composing the Future Artist Talks Series Online via Zoom:

Talk 1 Thursday, May 27, 7-8pm

Talk 2 Thursday, June 3, 7-8pm

Talk 3 Thursday, June 10, 7-8pm


Elizabeth Addison, NCWCA Exhibitions Chair, Artist, Educator, Curator

Anne Giancola, Visual Arts Manager, Livermore Arts, Artist and Muralist

Marianne McGrath, Art Historian, Curator, Art Consultant; Owner, MKM Art Consulting

Featured Artists

Laura Abrams, Elizabeth Addison, Jill Andre, Salma Arastu, Susan Bercu, Priscilla Birge, Lorraine Bonner, Megan Broughton, Jan Buscho, Christine Cianci, Sas Colby, Lia Cook, Parmalee Cover, Starr Davis, Joan Clair Di Stefano, Myrna Ehrlich, Marguerite Elliot, Miriam Fabbri, Niloufar Farzam, Anna Friesen, Nicole Rose Gelormino, Anne Giancola, Deborah Green, Stacey Gregory, c.j. grossman, Vicki Gunter, Karen Gutfreund, Angela Han, Trudi Chamoff Hauptman, Suzanne Jacquot, Jennifer Jigour, Judy Johnson-Williams, Kay Kang, Linda Joy Kattwinkel, Bianca Lago, Karen LeCocq, Bonnie Levinson, Tanya Lin, Nancy Margulies, Chandrika Marla, Tanya Momi, Tomye Neal Madison, Juliet Mevi, Carol Newborg, Priscilla Otani, Kelly Parady, Namita Paul, Laura Phelps Rogers, Pamela Pitt, Katalina Prince, Monique Rardin Richardson, Sawyer Rose, Hilary Saner, Sondra Schwetman, Larraine Seiden, Durba Sen, Judy Shintani, Mary Shisler, Fleur Spolidor, Rachel Tirosh, Victoria Veedell, Diane Williams


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