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New on-line Exhibition!

July 11-Aug. 22, 2020

I'm happy to announce that my mixed media painting "Memory of Water III" 10"x10"x1.5" was awarded Best of show.

My memory of water series is a way to capture memories from different visits to bodies of water. Non of the paintings is a real place but a place in my memory. I love the reflection of the sun in the water, the sound of the waves and the touch of the sand.

"Juror's statement:

I wanted to include images of every kind of water phenomenon, from glacial ice, to clouds, fresh and saltwater, raindrops, snow. I also wanted to include images of how we humans interact with water, enjoying it, using it, contaminating it. I also wanted to capture the emotional range in our responses to water: awe; pleasure; humor, fear.

I was happy to find a good spread of media: photographs, paintings, sculpture, prints, mixed media. But I did not feel that most craft items, however well-made, were appropriate for this exhibition. " - Zea Morvitz.

Please visit the exhibition on the center website

The reception was online via Zoom on Saturday July 11th

Our mailing address is:

Sebastopol Center for the Arts

282 S. High Street Sebastopol, CA 95472



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