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Peninsula WCA "Cohesion" Exhibition Catalog

“Peninsula WCA Cohesion: Exhibition in Perpetuity”, Publisher: Amazon, ISBN: 9798467347066, LINK

Seventeen member artists of the Peninsula Chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art have created 27 artworks on wooden panels. Repetition of the same-sized art pieces installed mere inches apart creates a rhythmic pattern that reads as one continuous line around the gallery, morphing as it wraps the room in creativity. Every separate, individual artwork can also be appreciated on its own, as each artist has selected unique subject matter and applied creative vision with her choice of medium.

Included artworks range from paintings to black and white photography to sculptural creations.

Participating artists include Katy Boggs, Christine Cianci, Linda Curtis, Joyita Ghose, Xuan My Ho, Patricia Keefe, AnnaKim, Rebecca Lambing, Tanya Lin, Martine Mahoudeau, Yvonne Newhouse, Maria Ribera, Jeanette Sacco-Belli, RachelTirosh, Greta Waterman, Donna Wocher, and Marian Yap.


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