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"Composing the Future" Catalog

In Composing the Future, a NCWCA Member Exhibition, our artists were challenged to flex their artistic powers in response to the extreme events of the past year to propel hopes, dreams, and ideas into the future.

This time of transition offers unique opportunities. As artists, we are witnesses and raw material for envisioning possible futures. We are now called upon to reflect on our own pandemic responses, social upheaval around us, and pervasive political madness, to envision possibilities for cultural transformation.

The artworks engage on many levels – wonder, worry, hopefulness, and activism, in an inspired array of visual media. You will see responses ranging from intellectual to contemplative as NCWCA artists unleash their imaginations. Many works consider how the events of 2020-21 confront history or provoke change. Just as many reveal inspiration in isolation and blooms in the chaos. Artists have found beauty in the shadows, have reassessed priorities, adjusted their joy threshold, and reset expectations.

The catalog is available for purchase on amazon


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