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"Refusés of the Bay"

I may have been rejected by the de Young Open 2023, but here's where the magic happens! 🎨 One door closes, but another one swings wide open!

My artwork is included in "Refusés of the Bay" online catalog, a groundbreaking collaboration between @VossGallery and @MetalHausGallery. Let's turn rejection into triumph together! 🚀and rewrite the narrative of art in the Bay Area together!

Join the celebration on Friday, Sept. 29th, 5-9 PM at Voss Gallery for the Opening Reception followed by an Evening Soirée at Metal Haus Gallery as we celebrate art that defies convention.

You can view the entire exhibition CATALOG

📍 Save the Date: Friday, Sept. 29th⁠

🥳 Opening Reception at Voss Gallery: 5-9 PM⁠

🥂 Evening soirée at Metal Haus Gallery: 8 PM-late! ⁠🎟️ required

Opening Reception at Voss Gallery: Friday, Sept. 29th, 5 PM-9 PM.

Evening Soirée at Metal Haus Gallery: Friday, Sept. 29th, 8 PM-12AM.


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